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gm015 Post at 2014-4-7 22:07

Age of Civilization CBT Launches Today

NGames, a leading online games publisher, is today delighted to announce the closed beta launch of anticipated new strategy MMO, Age of Civilization.

Launching today, April 8th 2014 at 21:00 (GMT-5) on the portal, the exciting Age of Civilization is set to entertain beta players with an abundance of special events and prizes.

Beta testers have the unique chance to shape Age of Civilization's gameplay by becoming an active part of the community, where they can report bugs, suggest enhancements, and be rewarded for their playtime with tons of in-game gifts.


To celebrate the closed beta launch, publisher NGames has today revealed brand new details of the rich background lore driving the Age of Civilization adventure.

[b]It all started with a legendary sword and a famous King..[/b]

No one would ever forget the Christmas Eve when the legendary sword turned up in public for the first time. Embedded in a stone with a unique soul inside, it picked its owner, and whoever was chosen would rule the land.


Soon, the first hero to pull the sword out of the stone appeared - he was Arthur, who later became the English King. With the sword in hand, thousands of soldiers followed him and he won all battles. People loved him. Stories of the 'knights of the round table' quickly spread, and an empire was taking shape.

However, Arthur eventually grew arrogant and violated his chivalry. As a consequence of this betrayal, he was no longer recognized by the sword. Following the duel against Pellinore, the sword returned to the stone. Nobody, not even King Arthur himself, was able to pull it out again.

Violent wars to control the sword soon engulfed the land, but the sword went missing. Now, it is silently lying in a corner, waiting for its next hero to appear.

[b]The legend goes on![/b]

Years later, the soul of villainous Egyptian ruler Seth has awoken and a dark age has befallen the land. A great many heroes have gathered in the tavern awaiting a new leader, who would be chosen by the legendary sword to guide them through the dark ages and onto glory.


In Age of Civilization, players can become that leader!

Players will need the help of heroes to rid the land of Seth's evil. These heroes are passionate, endowed with distinctive talent and attributes, but they must first improve their combat ability through difficult conquests before challenging Seth.


In the process of conquest and recruiting, players will receive valuable Hero Cards, which can be used to improve the level and power of their favourite heroes. Choose wisely, and accompany them with wise troops and a worthy captain, and it could be you who leads the charge against Seth's dark forces and saves the innocent people.

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