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veshapi Post at 2014-2-16 06:54

Stage 7 ships 120 lvl

guys how can we do our stage & ships lvl 120?  i have curently roman and it says top lvl 100.  but i saw on server 2 120lvl stage 7 ships. galeass and roman. so is there any trick?

davidfrostch Post at 2014-2-16 11:56

I got nothing on top of my head for this Veshapi. Would be nice though if someone could share their thoughts on this. [img][/img]

ekolsucram Post at 2014-2-16 14:31

[i=s] Post Last Edited by ekolsucram at 2014-2-16 14:36 [/i]

I am the only one with them :D

English Battleship
Roman Ship

My Fujian is 100, just made it

With my next Royalty level I hope to make them level 130


this will answer your questions

veshapi Post at 2014-2-17 11:06

i want to be on london sever :( i want strong enemys :(

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