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ekolsucram Post at 2014-2-7 22:35

To Anna : Screenshots you were asking for

here they are

check it out

Anna Post at 2014-2-7 22:57

Thx James, here is mine


Anna Post at 2014-2-7 23:21


Anna Post at 2014-2-7 23:24


davidfrostch Post at 2014-2-8 10:52

Nice job right there Anna! [img][/img]

veshapi Post at 2014-2-21 02:35

so to unlock baron radz i need: to chalenge city for 7 time,  compose 1st jewel 5 time,    aaaand ... ?   tell me what i need more :)

Anna Post at 2014-2-21 11:54

Yes, you need 7/7 attk on SD and PaP,
unlock the Baron Emblem (what need that first Jewel 5 times)
be Nr one at trade in SD and PaP for once 1/1
and be in the top 32 at Pick up Game for at least 3 days in a row

veshapi Post at 2014-2-21 15:17

thx  for info :)

veshapi Post at 2014-3-10 14:32

i must atack SD 7 time and PaP 7 time?

Anna Post at 2014-3-11 07:47

yes, each town you need to attk 7 times, or become Castelan and hold the City for 7 days.. thats the same story then.


veshapi Post at 2014-3-12 15:41

thx   Ann.

davidfrostch Post at 2014-3-23 12:29

Ann, as always is the best! [IMG][/IMG]

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