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gm022 Post at 2014-1-24 01:04

Sever Maintenance

[b][color=Black]Dear players:[/color][/b]

We will hold a Temporary Maintenance on [b][color=Red]1:00 AM (GMT-6) January 24, 2014[/color][/b]. The maintenance will last about 2 hours. Please log off the game 10 minutes before maintenance starts. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your support, have a good time!
[b][color=Black]Fixed Bugs:[/color][/b]
1. Search friends, increased the maximum number of characters allowed.
2. In card system, the resource cost of normal refresh and the hint don't match.
3. After buying a card, the status on card panel will become purchased.
4. Can't use resources to buy card points.
5. No response after clicking "Assist".
6. Passive skill interface redesigned.
7. Quest requirement and quest description don't match.
8. Icon shows nothing when rune is equipped.
9. No reward can be received in Arena.
10. After using Physique Potion, the notice says 0 Physique.
11. Chinese words “购买卡牌成功”.
12. Can’t use “Encourage” in Advancing Titans.

[b][color=Black][align=right]Age of Civilization Operation Team
January 24, 2014[/align][/color][/b]

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