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kingrolland Post at 2018-10-15 02:22

Awesome Novel Recommend-RELEASE THAT WITCH

Hey guys,I'd like to introduce u guys an excellent novel which make me addicted to this masterpiece.
RELEASE THAT WITCH, which is the most praised and the most popular novel I've found in NU, with a lot five star ratings and the top 1 ranking web novel in Novel

Going into the details:This novel boasts a solid, captivating plot mostly told from the point of MC but with timely inserted chapters from different POV that don't just retell what you already know, like in many other novels, but help to deepen the world and characters.
Speaking of characters, you won't find typical 2D cutouts here, all named characters have a proper story and reasons for their actions. Despite harem tag, as of now there isn't very perfect
Anyway, This novel is a rare gem. In short - go read it immediately, you won't regret.

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