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193159552716081 Post at 2018-10-1 11:49

Gifting system

Is there a way to make the gifting system come back but only with repeated weapons EX: If i have 2 dragon knights can i gift 1 to my friend or make special ranks like member, pro, trusted, helpful(aka youtuber rank but normal people can earn this also), Jr.admin, admin, Jr.mod, mod, Dev and owner and only people with high ranks like helpful rank will be allowed the gift function.Also the benefits of the ranking system with scare wallers if they see you in game so it benefits alot of things within the game also make a gifting cool down time of 5 days to prevent multiple gives unless they are high enough rank........

marineforder Post at 2018-10-1 13:53

It had been shut down for years...

marineforder Post at 2018-10-1 13:53

Do not think about it will ever come back!

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