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fuckingjokeman Post at 2018-9-23 13:32

I can't be the only person who doesn't give a shit about this character.


fuckingjokeman Post at 2018-9-23 13:34

Pics are original from anime: OVERLORD

193159552716081 Post at 2018-9-29 21:11

please only talk about the game and problems you are facing pls and thx u

fuckingjokeman Post at 2018-10-4 09:11

[b]Reply [url=]3#[/url] [i]193159552716081[/i] [/b]

    Dude, this is off-topic section...You can post anything not related to Global Strike here, besides, u have no rights to interfere with other people's rights and interests. AFTER  all that's not North Korea nor China here!!!

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