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marineforder Post at 2018-9-15 09:44

History tells future!!!

Look at history, Nixon opened the door to the most dangerous thiefs and terroris group of the Community Party in Beijing. Old Bush was bought successfully by BJ and worked for BJ, then to Bill Clinton who opened the door of National Finance Treasure for BJ to strong its lntercontinental missiles, who also helped Pyongyang with missiles aim at US.
Turn to the Weaker American President of Obama who visited to BJ with no stairs walking out from its Air Force One. This situation has never ever happened in the history of international affairs. As an American, I felt very shamed. Following a series of incidents of this kind, we must get prepared, because China is expected to come up with more tactics to bully Taiwan, Japan, S Korea and all of our Asian allies! They dare to challenge the rules which we made to protect peace and stabilization!!! If this issue is going on then the USA is End with Pain, Regret for sure and for soon...We cannot let this happen at any cost!
If we just watch aside and let it go, then that will be to surrender to evil forces!!!
wake up! ppl


chnthaqueen Post at 2018-9-20 00:20

What did you say about your mother?

marineforder Post at 2018-9-21 12:26

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    Get the f**k out of my face! ching chong

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