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marineforder Post at 2018-6-8 13:50

China which is a big threat to U.S and its allies

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I was totally being mad after i watching such a news about China, yeah It's China, China again!!!:@ Let's talk about China agian!!!
Taiwan, Japan and S.korea are the best and closest allies to United States during the whole Asian region! yet those Chinese try to hurt our allies again and again
They were threatening Taiwan again,!!! just stop this barbarous and irrational behavior to U.S and its allies, :@ China, you have no idea what you doing now is drawing fire against yourself!!!
STOP Bullying Taiwan!!! just fucking stop it!!! what you are doing right now is challenging the America's bottom line!!!:@ And forget about your stupid plans on invading Taiwan which is one of our allies :@ we won't allow any of our allies to be pressured and threatened :@ none of them, never!!!
justice is with America!!!we will be the ones to guide and protect this world and its people, like how we've always been!

marineforder Post at 2018-6-8 13:58

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Canada, Australia, New zeland, U.K and Japan are always the strongest allies to the America!!!{:3_42:}


gohellmuslim Post at 2018-6-8 14:10

Relax bruh, nothing will happen, the Chinese are cowards, it is in their DNA. they cannot help it, besides, their fear of defeat is far too great than ours.:D

Remember what their Confucius said:
"If can fight good! need Great Wall of China,.....meter high wooden fence okay!"

hitman64337 Post at 2018-6-11 07:15

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    United States and its allies lol

hitman64337 Post at 2018-6-11 07:17

Don't worry, Netherlands will keep standing on America's side :D

marineforder Post at 2018-6-11 12:01

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    Thanks :handshake :handshake :handshake

qwe758814285 Post at 2018-6-12 08:06

Do not believe Trump.

marineforder Post at 2018-6-13 11:43

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    You don't know anything about Trump, do not be cheated by those medias, Trump has already done more in 2 years than Obama did in his entire 8 years so far!!!  God bless us God bless America.

fuckingjokeman Post at 2018-6-13 12:08

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    What is worth praising is Trump indeed finally solved the nuclear threat from N Korea. Everybody can now feel much safer than the day Trump took office, There is no longer nuclear threat from N korea,:D That's a good news.

marineforder Post at 2018-6-13 22:39

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Maybe we didn't wote for the wrong person, Trump was actually did something for America though we hate him a bit lol

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