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gm022 Post at 2018-2-27 01:06

Emergency Maintenance

Dear players,
-J'gV J gC
}~.i$GLZ(i We will do an emergency maintenance at [color=Red]23:00 Feb 26th, 2018 PST[/color], and it will last for 10 minutes, please log off beforehand to avoid any loss in game.A(M*M\ v%w'wX

'lm\"R4|J7[S Qo pVpU#o Qli
Our Facebook: [url=][color=Blue][/color][/url]n4~3SS\.sj
Our website: [url=][color=Blue][/color][/url]
u%zt+Jzy.u Our Support: [url=][color=Blue][/color][/url]oTW*I#G-_!hmq
7g.T&[#hi [| U"Y#PY
[align=right]Ragnorak Journey Operation Team\MvRd9v-aR
Feb 26th, 2018[/align]

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