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Eternal Love

Dear player,
ADK*R]1v As the Valentine's Day is coming, an exclusive dungeon will be open. Besides getting resources, you can also join us to protect the eternal love.
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(T Q2Wb.oo#d7w [b][color=Black]Date[/color][/b]: February 12,00:00-February 18, 23:59 PSTM${4sYaIe

i,_9I!w:QU [b][color=Black]Details[/color][/b]:
X"yd| z D$O f~s 1. During the event, kill any World Monster to have a chance to receive Love Key Shards! (Use to redeem Love Keys and can be traded.)([d:i-m7q&x {`_
2. During the event, the following NPCs will appear in Prontera: The God of Love, Cupid and Trial Officer. (They will not disappear after the event.)  
A.[7~/SI4} [color=DarkOrange]The God of Love[/color]: Use 5 Love Key Shards to redeem a Love Key, which is used to enter the dungeon "Guardian of Eternal Love".)}~1dh3p(l DD
[color=DarkOrange]Cupid[/color]: You can buy Valentine Packs from this NPC.EW Ls"E_n
[color=DarkOrange]Trial Officer[/color]: Use 1 "Love Key" to enter the dungeon "Guardian of Eternal Love" once. (One entry per day)
4`J/S$m~6S7d/? [align=right]Ragnorak Journey Operating Group
,E B |8m8m| k February 8th, 2017[/align]

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