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gm022 Post at 2018-1-2 20:21

S12 Released

Dear players, D4o&I$ON"`#h*j

k6yE,OA%I We are glad to launch Ragnarok Journey S12-Assassin at [color=Red]18:00 (PST) on January 2nd, 2018[/color]. We also prepared a variety of activities. Join us now for more surprises and friends!
s7Zs F5g-P [ 4A_1Y-nv)P}E)G*~K
New Server Event: [url=][color=Blue][/color][/url]
H2f}do5w%p$oI }.e
;o+JTH%Q Uj Our Facebook: [url=][color=Blue][/color][/url]
)d!ym/b j8W*M Our website: [url=][color=Blue][/color][/url]
R+}+}B F Our Support: [url=][color=Blue][/color][/url]
ike7mn&QG*x%f [align=right]Ragnarok Journey Operation team
B+Ga,e\7r,~ January 2nd, 2018[/align]

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