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gm022 Post at 2017-12-8 02:53

Emergency Maintenance

Dear players,
Y{9C Z m t r*^
:vO3Ik%i6W+P We will do an emergency maintenance at [color=Red]01:00am Dec 8th, 2017[/color] and it will last for 1 hour, please log off beforehand to avoid any loss in game.pH3m@@#|+{
7q6U.p {5]:p'~^
Our Facebook: [url=][color=Blue][/color][/url]v V#s$LC!J:A
Our website: [url=][color=Blue][/color][/url]W-Os GRcBQ
Our Support: [url=][color=Blue][/color][/url] h_3z S$N|(Q
[align=right]Ragnorak Journey Operation Team
IZ%F9l:}#qs Dec 7th, 2017[/align]

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