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gm022 Post at 2017-12-8 01:01

Christmas Art Contest

Can you guys smell the gingerbread cookies already? Christmas is finally around the corner, which means our Advent Calendar will make its wonderful comeback yet again! Please share with us your art design to show off your happy moment with your family or friends and tell the world what you want to say!

It will feature 24 days of art made by the Game321 ROJ community, so whip out your art supplies and do your absolute best to be one of them!

And the best part is, it doesn't have to be only drawings, so it's a free for all! You can post artwork, some sort of craft or a happiness moments photo in this topic to participate~

The winners will be published on the [color=Red]3rd of Jan[/color]., so look forward for a feature!

✽[b][color=Black] The contest will end on Jan. 1st, midnight server time[/color][/b];

✽ Entries must be replies to this topic. You may submit multiple entries;

✽ Entries must be made by you. You can't copy from someone else;

✽ If your entry is a craft, make sure to include a picture of it with your IGN written on a piece of paper, aside from the one in the frame;

✽ Entries must be winter and ROJ themed or family themed;

✽ You must include your IGN with your post;

✽ Use a single post for all your entries;

✽ Entries must be made this month and year, old artwork/ crafts/ photos won't count;

✽ You may submit multiple entries. Only entries selected for the Advent Calendar will receive rewards;

[b][color=Black]✽ Only your best entry will win the[color=Red] 20 $ [/color]worth prize code;[/color][/b]

slelievre Post at 2018-12-22 22:37


S40 - Aton

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