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majinkin2 Post at 2017-9-21 04:04

About last news

Whoa! Guys please no, its my favorite game, play every day and kills every week 600 golems, my main hero 3600000 CP. To sad hear about shut down:'( :'(

gegekeren Post at 2017-9-21 13:24

from how they give always give outdated event / update, isn't surprise news anymore to close da game.... also we can still play Chinese version at wanadalu that always up to date

(maybe the only problem is we need learn a bit about Chinese language, if we want keep play this game )

let's move on and farewell guys:)

Geege S1 Hunting Forest:handshake

froakentoken Post at 2017-9-21 19:21

ehh?~! what date are they closing pixel hero on?O.o

froakentoken Post at 2017-9-21 19:58

[i=s] Post Last Edited by froakentoken at 2017-9-22 09:52 [/i]

hehe................[url][/url] is the register for a new chinese pixel hero account (the register button seems to be before you click on the pixel hero game button) the random chinese name generator when actually in pixel hero to be able to blend in w/other people's names/use and search for translate/copy/paste the chinese text/search for a chinese id generator (this might seem strange,but youll really need to copy/paste the chinese name that they give as an example,copy/paste the whole entire thing into the thing you get when you search for translate,& then copy/paste the name,knowing which fraction of it's the name somehow as a result of copying/pasting it into the translator,possibly showing the english text right next to the chinese text,youll have to copy/paste the chinese text/chinese ver. of the name,and it wont really let you register w/o it+you might wind up in the log in place,w/o winging up in the register place,just hit back/try to get to the register place)

we are sorry to inform you that Phixel Hero will cease operation on October 23 (looks like its only one month/2 days away from now,it's september 21,both are 2017,september's only one month earlier than october,etc..)

dartfrogger Post at 2017-9-23 15:13

[b]Reply [url=]1#[/url] [i]majinkin2[/i] [/b]

check froakentoken's post in the same place in the forum as im replying to you in,it shows how to register for chinese pixel hero (just an f.y.i. that it's not actually necesary to do the random name generator to have some random chinese name,& an american name'll still work,lol+an american login id/password'll still work,but it still gives an error saying something about the name you input in it for registration unless if you do a chinese name+the same chinese name it asks for as an example'll work.)

gegekeren Post at 2017-9-29 10:52

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more than ">>THOUSAND ACTIVE PLAYERS<<" . a "BROWSER" game that still active since 2010  , try play  -  Realm Of The Mad God -  (just google it yourself)

( beware this is very addicting and "YOLO ROGUE LIKE" game. Don't cry if you died while your rare stuff equipped)

one more thing....try server USWest2 that always more players and crowded (you can farm stuff at another server and trading at USWest2)

kurayami1234@gm Post at 2017-10-1 13:09

In some way I expected this to happen. Just take a look at the JointBattles across the servers. There is one kinda lord that is so OP that noone can best him for the first place. On S13, a year ago various top players quit and I kinda inherited the champ position from YunaSaki, winning all events to come until now. The game does just not draw in new players this way cause the established strong players crush them easily.
And the treasure thing is also bad. Unless you got tons of materials to up characters to the needed equipment lvls, you cant advance. On S13, I am unmatched in this one too.
Bottom line, it is a very grindy game that only rewards you if you can become the number one of the respective server. Atleast I can look back at being the all time champ of S13 with 12, later 13 wins, surpassing Yuna's 10.

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