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froakentoken Post at 2017-9-19 05:33


as for what bug.........well,lets just say that this has happened.....................i just now used only 20 people in budokai,when i wanted to use 20 people to get into the time spiral in pages:10-20 (of easy/normal/hard difficulties,its normal difficulty...per say.) *so if i changed what i am w/the same form as  the form i used for budokai,then i just will change the form for budokai,example:what if i had form#1 w/13 tokasaki,& i wanted to save formations,so i made it form#1 for me to turn on/off world war w/o switching into a different form/turn on/off victory pact fork/turn on/off 5 characters like to recover the current cp of the enemy,so 5 tatsumi/5 aria miya,since the formation's otherwise the same,so i just save a formation by using the same formation,but itll however:make you change those characters for budokai,you know! >:|!

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