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blackdragon99gx Post at 2017-9-15 21:51

can't get into my server

i tried to get into my server for about 1 and a half hours cleared cache, used a different browser, and even a different computer i really need some help here all it shows is a black screen with nothing loading when i try i could get into another server but not mine

IGN: klavian
Server: 52 abyssal claw, merged number: ud2

blackdragon99gx Post at 2017-9-15 22:38

scratch that finally got it to load after about 2 hours though it is taking forever to get everything to load at the moment

Alwinski Post at 2017-9-16 23:05

you must submit a ticket klavian i think you know it's a bug and just try post in bug report instead

gm023 Post at 2017-9-17 20:26

I am sorry of your experience. While, during the past two days, there is no report about sever logging problem. We suspect that it might be your internet  or flash player matter.  If you meet such problem again, please clean the brower cache or change other browers to have a try.

When there is no response in the forum, you can send a ticket to mail support, it is 24-hour on line.

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