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froakentoken Post at 2017-9-15 11:09

earth angel:

if you do an unmixed attack on earth angel/have a ton of def,then you'll weaken the earth angel's earth backdraft skill (around 900,000 cp,so shell do an earth backdraft of only current cp only,when she transforms into a 10 mil cp'pd earth angel,speaking of which,you have 30% dmg compared to cp,20% compared to overall cp/10% compared to current cp,so 30% dmg when the battle starts out/it gets closer and closer to 20% cp as you get closer and closer to 0 cp) *so,you'll really badly weaken her earth backdraft dmg,just that you might need to get lucky and wait for her to do a bunch of regular raids before earth backdraft,making you do a bunch of more unmixed really can defeat her that do so little dmg via earth backdraft that you just might be able to survive it...and then kill her before she does earth backdraft/stage 2 transformation,if your lucky.

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