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froakentoken Post at 2017-9-5 07:02

cp from pact stone:

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cp from pact stone appears to be zero (check how there's zero cp more than there amount of overall cp compared to the person's starting cp,or cp it says he has/them having no stats from there skill,just the exact same amount of stats from there pact signings,which there's no more stats than the pact signings,which means that there's no stat increase from there skill,so (o.o).)

the stat increase of the pact stone signings/the cp increase of it (there havin 2 init/2 def reguardless of person you have in battle (reguardless of leader/bute boy/0 more cp than you wouldve had,just look @ cp of the leader you start out w//cp of the cute boy/them havin no stats from skills,etc.):

the cute boy w/the stat increase of pact stone signings/not having the cp stat increase:

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