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synnest Post at 2017-8-16 07:22

game is unplayable, again


Its been like that at least since 10AM when I logged in and now couldnt get devotion for quiz. And no, its not only me or my cache or cookies or my connection. Everybody was constantly refreshing to get to the quiz.

ign synnest server ua48

hope2001 Post at 2017-8-16 19:26

Can't maintain connection on ub11 either

IGN: Alec

gm023 Post at 2017-8-16 20:56

[i=s] Post Last Edited by gm023 at 2017-8-17 03:42 [/i]

Thank you for your reporting. This problem is fixed, check please.
Please accept our apology for any inconvenience it brings.

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