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froakentoken Post at 2017-8-14 04:58

it's possible to use the skip battle button:

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its only available if you killed iron colossus at least lvl 100/bought at least 100 red diamonds w/real life money (getting red diamonds from daily check in's monthly check in's 20/40/60 red diamonds doesn't count.) *it's tiny,it's invisible,it's possible to click on it to skip a battle,& it is extremely close the the very bottom of the screen/you must look @ what point ur mouse cursor changes into a hand and not a mouse to be able to find's inbetween ur first character/one character to the left of ur first character (in reguards to left/right+w/25 characters (its under ur first character if you have 20 characters,ur first character's the character all the way to the right/the only character not lined upward/downward w/four characters),cause he moves more to the left w/lesser than that of a number of characters),only make the mouse go on down to almost the bottom of the screen that shows the actual battle (in reguards to up/down),& isnt showing the place youve gotten to the battle.

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