Game321`s Forums's Archiver Post at 2017-8-4 21:21

dragonsoul bug

i have a problem with my dragon soul i respawn with world boss only although i am mage and my phoenix nirvana is 100% i don't respawn in players vs players battles and players vs enemies
i can't record it and the the images & videos which i capture from the battle is higher than 1000kb

demonaussie21 Post at 2017-8-5 04:56

When a battle finishes you have the option to "Share", this gives you a link you can post.

And with regards to "images & videos higher than 1000kb", try saving as JPG files rather then PNG, jpg is significantly smaller file size.

Alwinski Post at 2017-8-5 12:06

perhaps you need more than legendary dragon soul or see at other tab open the home page of this LoA then look are you login or not
maybe work

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