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froakentoken Post at 2017-6-23 21:19

def to make up for a critical hit:

you might just need 300 def to make up for a critical hit,as twice the damage/200 initiative to do four times the dmg,& then you take 1/4 dmg from having 300 def,...,& then it's usually just monsters that dont pierce at least as much as dodge (& not player characters (seeing as how only dodge piercing critical hits do 0.5% more dmg per initiative+its more likely to get a dodge piercing attack than a def piercing attack,since theres no wierd thing like it being called a critical hit,or unmixed attack,to make it pierce def,so its kind of rare to find something only piercing def w/o also piercing dodge due to it.)) *and then pure attacks pierce both/absorb % cp compared to dmg dealt w/it supposedly doing 0.5% more cp absorbed per dodge even though it says 0.5% more cp recovered w/a heal,& even though its a heal compared to dmg dealt......???

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