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increasing max digging attempts/max chests

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you need 1 more max chests to have 350 more seconds to reach the maximum amount of items gotten when you pick them up at 30 red diamonds only,& you need 100 red diamonds to get 600 more seconds to reach max digging attempts,& the time spiral has seed of titan for 220 cp,which chests items get you that,but you can only use it once per day,& the mining area's unlimited times per day,except for you having only 1 digging attempt every two minutes (not a bug report,i just wanted to post information in bug reports/suggestions.) *basically:you get time until you have to pick up your chest by max chest increase faster,but does it matter,lol? (update:you increase your maximum digging attempts once/increase your max chests once,& you do not increase your max digging attempts three times/increase your max chests once.) *you might need to increase your max chests twice,& then you have a bit more time until you need to pick it up,but then again:it still costs less,it'd only cost 6/10 the amount of red diamonds,& then it'll cost about 1.6 times more red diamonds to make max chests go up:additionally to max digging attempts/compared to only more max digging attempts (& 300 max digging attempts is 10 hours,but you probably only sleep for about 8 hours,& you'll lose no digging attempts by getting precisely:300 digging attempts,& two max chest increases per time you gain 5 digging attempts'll get you a bit more than 10 hours until you have to pick up chests (you know:its close enough to just go ahead & get 100 max chests,quit getting more @ 100,its close enough to ten hours for them to all fill up @ 350 seconds per chest,& i ran a calculator,so (o.o).),& then you'll only lose diamonds/titan iron basically,no other ores (ores:copper/silver,etc.),& no iron colossuses/chests/fiends,& you get more iron colossuses killed (on average) by actually using mining attempts in the actual mining area than spending them on etheric souls using auto mining (even if you dont have the super miner's card from the monthly cards at the time.)/theres no chests (chests that you use keys to open,& theres physically no way possible to get more flaming gold keys than you use,since trades gone.)/no fiends by way of auto digging+you'd have to dig some in the mine for bosses,...,lol.)
all in all:your auto send gifts only landing on pickaxes+the time spiral+eastern+digging w/o missing any digging attempts/not doing any etheric souls+having the super miner's monthly card=20 million relative plus cp by 30 years,but 30 million by the ten million youd have from lvl 100 fully awakened fully limit break'd characters anyways (youd get 2000 cp everyday that way,infact:2000 cp per day w/o super monthly miner's card/missing eight hours of digging attempts per day/get to 30 million combat power w/i thirty years w/o it/only sitting in the time spiral for the seed of titan,but not sitting in eastern path to get grand tales of soup,& the seed of titan's more cp per day anyways,just that both per day be quicker relative plus cp,but still plz do it to go faster! >:D!) *youd literally have 9 million dmg/30 million max hp by thirty years time doing just that,just do 5-10 years of max digging attempt increases (unless you make more than 120 red diamonds per month+5-10 years might be how long to get to the max digging attempts i say,...,& thou shall go no further than that max digging attempts/max chests reguardless of how long it takes,it was just a gist estimation of how long until you get to that much max digging attempts/max chests,...,but stopping @ that max amount of digging attempts/chests is really what's necesary,not stopping @ that number of years of increasing max digging attempts/max chests) (unless if thou really want to get more max digging attempts/max chests?O.o) *and thou shall,instead of super monthly miners card,& then do super miner monthly card (& your leader you start out w/20 saber/4 etheric clones,or ur leader you start out w/(the one that gets relative plus cp)/20 curtois/4 etheric clones...seeing as how sober aint available/curois/etheric clones might eventually not be available,& it depends....well:there ur best option.) *reset the mining area to iron colossus lvl 100+or else you will gain less cp per iron colossus killed (about 1 cp per iron colossus lvl/stops @ about 100 cp.) 220 cp per seed of titan from the time spiral,100 cp per iron colossus,but if you kill iron colossus lvl 400 or more:you can get 130 cp (so seeing as how you only get 2.5 times more cp from 150% more cp on your leader you start out w/,& the rest of the 2000 cp per day's from iron colossuses,most of the cp will go 1.3 times faster than that,& i meant 2000 cp per day w/killing only 100 cp iron colossuses,you'd get the same amount of times that you cp increase as emblems for summoning heros/exp share/troll statues.) *one more thing:the 2.5 times more cp does work w/relative plus cp onto the leader that you out w/. (the relative plus cp really goes onto only the non dismissable leader that you start out w/.) *possible to save up about 2400 divine miner's kits,& get 600 iron colossuses killed per four weeks,w/i the next four weeks..while in super monthly miner's card,as it takes a long period of time to save up that many divine miner's kits (& need more iron colossuses per miner's kits,infact:youll get more iron colossuses on average w/o (without) doing etheric souls,and w/(with) doing mining),& then you stop using divine miner's kits right there @ 600 iron colossuses

@ any rate:go ahead & make yourself have 10 hours time to reach max digging attempts (& chests)/use the super miner's card 100% of the time if your really actually trying to get max cp increase like that.

100 max chest is even more unnecesary:it looks like you have a maximum of one cp increaser item & cant get alot of them (one of each type & youll have a 1/infinite chance to get a seed of titan when you have 1 seed of titan in your inventory & a 1/infinite chance to get a grand tales of soup when you have 1 grand tales of soup in your inventory,so being able to use one per day of each type/have one per day of each type might make it unnecesary to get 100 max chest caps,but itll only cost 1.6 times more red diamonds per the same amount of max digging attempts time.) *dont enter the tournament while w/only one character to get grand tales of soup @ the eastern path,it really will record how powerful you are to be w/only one character,it doesnt re-record how powerful you are in the tournament when you switch into only one character only to get the grand tales of soup (it's why you might be able to get the titan seed/grand tales of soup w/an error where you cant use them due to having already used them by playing the game during the daytime & so cant get another due to a maximum amount of 1 w/it mysteriously having a 1/infinite chance to get you another seed of titan or grand tales of soup due to already having a seed of titan or grand tales of soup in your inventory already,& you might not need to increase your max chests cap 2 all to sit there during nighttime,so you can decide based on your exact circumstances exactly.)

*news flash:etheric core's w/a food box s for food you can use @ any amount of repletion if you want to sit there when you get 1 seed of titan/1 grand tales of soup+get an error message saying you cant use the seed of titan or the grand tales of soup due to having already used one on that day (the peaceful future/riotous futures have food that you can only use w/18,000 or less repletion.) *use the page 20 peaceful futures/riotous futures if you cant defeat the 3.75 times more combat powered etheric terror to unlock the page 30 peaceful/riotous futures.....but first go to the etheric core to get food box s's to get snacks and not staple food that you can use @ any repletion 1st......& dont go to the peaceful/riotous futures unless if you need food that you can only use @ 18000 or less repletion.

it does get more likely to get iron colossuses to appear @ deeper of a place that you dig in,so dig @ 200-300 squares downward (+on for the number y,other than the x number.) for the bosses that appear + 200-300 on the y number,other than the x number.

you could search for calculator,& input the max amount of digging attempts multiplied by 120,divided by 60 (60 seconds in a minute),then divided by 60 (60 minutes in an hour) (120 seconds to get another digging attempt),& search for timer,& input that amount of time (if it says 2.3 hours,then in put 2 hours,and 20 minutes,as its close enough to two hours,& 1/3 the way there to another hour.) *or input the timer for how long it takes to dig a diamond (1 hour,20 mins)/double diamond (2 hours)/titan iron.

you can input a single character onto the best eastern path that his cp can go onto if you want to lvl up only him (w/o dividing exp by 25 characters,and dividing it onto only one character.) *pages:9/19/29.

you can try to use the super miner's card/refresh to iron colossus lvl 100 and kill iron colossuses w/2400 divine miner's kits saved up,and youll get alot of relative plus cp that way/red diamonds from 600 iron colossuses killed in a week,but if you have a 100% chance to kill iron colossus lvl 500,then you dont need to refresh the mining area...just saying that youll get 160 cp per cp increasing iron colossus of lvl 500/100 cp if you kill at least lvl 100 iron colossus.......! (its 600 divine miner's kits,one per each one of four weeks to equal a month.....and seeing as how the upper miner's monthly card lasts for a month,and if you want to use the super monthly miner's card to get cp quicker anyways (the quickest cp increase's to kill iron colossus lvl 500/super monthly miner's card,two things around 1.6 times quicker cp,unless your to likely to die from iron colossus lvl 500.)

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