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josephnaoe_13@y Post at 2017-6-11 17:04

why i got disconnected in DW today

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disconnected in divine war i have 10 mins left and its lvl 140 already and got disconnected how can you compensate
and why i cant login how can i get it in more points to tycoon if cant login and DW is over

josephnaoe_13@y Post at 2017-6-11 17:07

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server  ue1

blackdragon99gx Post at 2017-6-11 17:10

seems dw missing the last 10 minutes happened to a bunch of servers if not all and for some reason team arena started hours to early

josephnaoe_13@y Post at 2017-6-11 17:45

can you compensate that we can go to divine war at 21:00 today

gm023 Post at 2017-6-11 22:01

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience it brings. The compensation is set in hot event, check please.

If you have any other problem, contact us again.

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