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majinkin2 Post at 2017-6-1 18:35

Joint Battle not opened?

Joint Battle not opened only for me? or someone have same problem? already first day of month.

froakentoken Post at 2017-6-3 11:43

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*there's just a frigging bug where it doesnt open until alot later in the day than when everything resets:1. you being able to recruit alot of heros 2. medals for arena (and its true for only the 1st day of the joint battle.....(O_O)!) *hopefully noone misses the 1st day of joint battle due to it........??? (at least it wasnt true that they replaced joint battle w/budokai or anything,they single handedly disabled the ability to get flaming gold keys quicker than you lose flaming gold keys when they replaced trade/treasure island w/etheric....(or at least i mean when they decided to also get rid of trade,when only treasure island needs to gotten rid of......???)

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