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froakentoken Post at 2017-3-25 21:59

exp (indefinite exp)

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there's the maximum lvl of 100 gotten from exp per each one of 25 characters,but there's also exp (relative plus cp) from killing iron colossuses,like as though if you don't get exp/sec,but you get exp per kill w/things like seed of titan from the time spiral/grand tales of soup from the eastern path/big burger/ether choc were all exp. (you get exp/kill via iron colossuses killed increasing cp anyways,but anyways.) and then there's indefinite increase of cp/stats via killing s. duhem except for the fact that you can only sign one pact per type of hero.

you'd definitely get quicker cp by having more max digging attempts:say that you slept for eight hours,and gotten to max digging attempts w/I 1 and a half hours,only not effecting mining that takes long like diamonds/titan iron,but definitely effecting digging attempts afterwards+you might reach max digging attempts by the time that you finished mining diamonds/titan iron,even @ 0 digging attempts,since the start of the digging of diamonds/titan iron.

*plus:more max chests could help get grand tales of soup/seed of titan.

majinkin2 Post at 2017-3-26 02:22

bonus CP only for main hero, other heroes does not get cp, i'm already get to much cp for main hero

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