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sharpfrog Post at 2017-3-10 19:31


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courtois's skill description doesn't include the % dmg dealt,plz add it to his skill description+anyone in the forum can reply to this post,telling me the % dmg dealt,as long as they know the % dmg dealt. (courtois's skill:goalkeeper duel:pierces dodge,pierces def,40% dmg recovered as cp.)

majinkin2 Post at 2017-3-10 21:43

"Pure attack" or "Unmixed attack" without % of damage it is mean 100% damage like normal attack, but ignore def and dodge. Also i think this hero not so good, cos low chance to proc. if u wanna ignor def and dodge, just get hero with unmixed attack, if u wanna good heal, just get healer hero Tory Tory (18% proc by 15% enemy's current CP)

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