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owltalon Post at 2017-3-9 14:46

GM: What games321 servers are being merged?

Are you giving us notice of merges, or are we just going to have to log on and see??  How can we prepare for merges if not given any notice.


gm023 Post at 2017-3-9 21:20

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Yes, the severs in game321 platform will be merged as well. We will announce the list before sever merge.

Thank you for your support/


owltalon Post at 2017-3-9 22:04

ty for the reply  :)

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slipknot234 Post at 2017-3-9 22:40

im from s242 haha im so screwed XD

vellla Post at 2017-3-10 14:16

Thanks for the list :)

Alwinski Post at 2017-3-11 02:06

:Dyes my server does not merger

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