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bondturbo Post at 2017-2-22 08:01

I can not collect my bets - Volatile Battlefield

The bets I made on Volatile Battlefield can not be collected.
The information: "Player Wager already collect" appears.

But I did not collect it.
I checked the emails, but I did not receive any with my bets.

I look forward to your help.

IGN: BondTurbo
Server: S173

gm023 Post at 2017-2-22 20:27

Thank you for bring this to our attention. Volatile Battlefield wager issue has been reported to our development team already.
By they way, how much diamonds would you fail to claim?

bondturbo Post at 2017-2-23 14:21

Thank you gm023 ,

I could not collect any.
No bets have been collected.

I'm not sure about the amount wagered in each battle. I remember that in the last one was 200. but the rest I'm not sure of the value of each bet.

Could you ask the development team to check the values?


gm023 Post at 2017-2-23 20:43

Thank you for your feedback, we will have a check.

Sorry again of any inconvenience it brings to you.

gm023 Post at 2017-2-24 00:57

The  last wager diamonds are sent to you, check please. Of the reset, please tell me an approximate amount, for we failed to check that amount.

bondturbo Post at 2017-2-24 07:55

Good morning, Gm023,

I received 200 Diamonds in my email in game today.
Here is the list of bets I made:

Wager Group 8 - Group Round 4 - Bet 50 Diamonds
Wager Group 8 - Group Round 2 - Bet 100 Diamonds
Wager Group 8 - Group Round 3 - Bet 50 Diamonds
Wager Group 8 - Group Round 1 - Bet 100 Diamonds
Wager Group 4 - Group Round 1 - Bet 200 Diamonds
Wager Group 4 - Group Round 2 - Bet 100 Diamonds
Wager Group 2 - Group Round 1 - Bet 200 Diamonds

Thanks foy you help.

thehitler88 Post at 2017-2-24 08:01

Good Day,

mine as well..this is the second time i had this problems..i made a on the  report on the first 1 but your team didnt assists my report. it happened on my other 3 accounts that my family is using as well.

Please Help us.

acc 1

acc 2

acc 3

acc 4

gm023 Post at 2017-2-26 22:11

[b]Reply [url=]7#[/url] [i]thehitler88[/i] [/b]

Do you have screenshot showing your wager page and the amount you should claim?

bondturbo Post at 2017-2-28 14:25

Morning gm023 ,

Any News ?

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