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latheka Post at 2017-1-30 12:20

Angel Essence Exchange

The process of exchanging angles essence need to include refining.  the stones exchange but not the refining.  WHY????
We are purposely refining an angel that is a GA to particular character and/or an angel that is deployed.  Then as we acquire new angels, and wish to rotate, the refine goes with the angel that was refined and completely messes up the work put into a particular area.  (deployed angel stats or GA on a designated hero)  this messes up stats all around?  Why is the exchange of refining ommitted? is this to make us spend more to buy more refine ore?  What is the reasoning behind this oversight? OR.. are we to stay married to a particular angel in order to keep our target areas intact?  Refining does go with inherit. But... we dont always inherit, do we?  Inheriting every time a new angel is won or acquired then messes up covenants.  Again... why is refining not exchangeable?  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Totally Annoyed, Latheka ub11

Alwinski Post at 2017-2-4 00:17

:Dyeahh.. thats dev wants "BUY REFINE STONES" and that was a new update to increase angel for guardian at your char also your heroes were deployed so get the refine for angel gems as best you can focusing on your main char at lvl 5 gems to get refine 100%.

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