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froakentoken Post at 2017-1-22 08:55

world war

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true world war doing the same dmg as the victory pact fork onto a 400 def iron colossus,true world war doing 1.5x times more dmg onto anything than compared to world war,now world war doing more dmg onto a 92 def group,...,looks like as though if world war indeed doesn't pierce def+there's def piercing things,so world war's only maybe gonna do 0.5% more dmg per init,there's no unmixed/crit/pure to pierce only def+pure is like,pierce dodge/def,but also heal % cp compared to dmg dealt....!

must be around 300% dmg for world war to do 1.5x times more dmg than a victory pact fork @ 92 def,around 1/2 dmg taken,and it must be around 450% dmg for true world war to do around 1.5 times more dmg than that...!

gegekeren Post at 2017-1-24 17:59

someone already post this topic


froakentoken Post at 2017-3-8 03:47

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*afraid the other topic didn't mention the exact % dmg of world war/true world war,& didn't say whether or not it does 0.5% more dmg per init as a result of being a critical hit (other than whether or not they mentioned whether or not it's critical hit.)

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