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froakentoken Post at 2017-1-22 07:31

the black general copy's crippling secret skill:

the black general copy's crippling secret skill:it does more damage,the more def that you have..........2 million dmg @ 0 def,and 4 million dmg @ 100 def,and 6 million dmg @ 200 def,and 13 million @350 def....!

majinkin2 Post at 2017-1-22 08:16

[i=s] Post Last Edited by majinkin2 at 2017-1-22 18:06 [/i]

hi's skill deal damage=99% ur current CP, ignore def and never miss, u just need fast kill him, use more crit heroes. u need summary proc rating around 100% for crit skills, i think.

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