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leo_560@hotmail Post at 2017-1-21 22:07


this is just too much to bare first you link us to gta thats ok i understand then no events for the new game again i can understand but now we are even placed vs ppl from [b]GTA S.10 i repeat S.10 having 18 Millions BR[/b] so i ask you GMS ADMINS IT PERSONEL AND EVERY1 FROM NGAMES WHAT COMPANY IS THIS NGAMES OR GTA?????  :@  :@  :@

if all i want is the same events as gta server and the same new server events you know the carnival as gta then i would have made 1 acc on GTA but i did not i made 1 here on the site who brought us the pockie series games but how do you repay your players ? paring us vs gta ppl does that seems fair to you ? if the excuse is xserver then remove it until we have at least 5 / 10 servers thats all keep going like you are and this game will also close i assure you that since who on their right mind will pay for a vip here just to get bend over by ppl from S10 from the version of the game run by some other company is like taking our old characters from pockie ninja to the russian version did you even considered players wont like this ? even recharge rankings are shared so if you are the first place on a event run by Ngames you lose it because some1 else got first place on GTA servers ? does that makes sense to you ?  :@  :@  :@  :@  :@  :@  :@  :@  :@

i would say sorry for the bad language but too pissed off for that

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