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froakentoken Post at 2017-1-17 09:23

victory pact fork/world war

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use the victory pact fork/world war,and you'll have a 100% chance to use a dodge/def piercing skill after 10 combat rounds,w/a 50% chance to use one after 6 combat rounds (incase if you have a group w/all the skills % chances to be used amounting up to a 100% chance to do "only one of the four" of the following:1. recover your own current cp 2. recover the enemy's current cp 3. recover your own overall cp 4. recover the enemy's overall cp) *and only one of the four of them only,seeing as how you'd be doing a different type of skill that amounts to a 100% chance to be used (the victory pact fork leader that you start out w/bes your 1st character,and the collaboration skill:world war,goes into the 1st slot,even if you input all three in order as the last three people,even then,seeing as how collaboration skills interupts everyone ahead of them,so you can most certainly most definately do that first,even if there all last,but you still need to put your victory pact fork leader that you start out w/first.)

well,they both put together almost add up to 100% chances to use them anyways,but anyways.

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