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justwanalern Post at 2017-1-5 09:53

Mining Problem #2

here we go again... you see I noticed that there's some kind of bug happened my mining level is Lv.8 and that's fine the problem is It's only 40 mining chances... see the problem there if mining started at Lv.0 with 15 chances wouldn't it be at least around 55 by now???

Take a look:

Now how do I fix this.. It's going on for a long time, did I do something wrong that this happened.. but as long as it's fix all is good.

majinkin2 Post at 2017-1-5 12:42

it's all normal, all players have same pickaxes limit, and my too on 8lvl, when u get minimg 9lvl, u get 45 limit. 45 its maximum without diamonds.

justwanalern Post at 2017-1-5 15:45

hmm I see, so you mean at Lv.0 you get 0 chances to dig?! that doesn't make sense.. haha nah just kidding. well that sucks. yeah ok thanks for that insightful confirmation.

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