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villigen Post at 2016-12-31 18:07

Sealed Diamonds

hi all,
i have problem with the email which should send us our sealed diamonds
from 30.12. to 31.12. my pc was turned on even during all the night with logged char and i havent received the mail with sealed diamonds
my diamonds was all on their place ingane as soon as i came back on 31.12. morning to my pc
what im really missing is the Peppers icon, not my diamonds cause i havent received the mail
can someone help me please?

nick: Laylla
server: S20 - Lanceruins

villigen Post at 2016-12-31 19:08

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and the game seems to be total mad lol
i received on the 31.12 from check in 50 coins New Year 2, after refresh i picked up the 1st from check in but havent received the coins from the 1st lol, still have only this 50 from 31.12
cause im vip 9, would like to have this 2 coins more too

villigen Post at 2016-12-31 19:13

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now i talked to my guild mates and im not alone who didnt received the mail with peppers summoning rock
next one is:
S20 - Lanceruins

tetsumi06 Post at 2017-1-1 16:47

Add tetsumi06 S15-Mermaid (now uc1)

moixam14 Post at 2017-1-2 01:53

if someone is making a list of ppl missing the mail with Pepper summoning rock, pls add Moixam and Maxiom - s30

tetsumi06 Post at 2017-1-3 03:06

Well, GM has been at work today and totally ignored us so far.

gm023 Post at 2017-1-3 20:25

Thank you for let me know your issue. I will report it to our develop team for you and inform you once I have any reply from them.

michaelhaswell1 Post at 2017-1-4 11:46

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    the reasoning I got as to why all didn't get pepper is only the ones who didn't log in that day was able to get pepper. I even bitched for another 5 emails and nothing was done.

tetsumi06 Post at 2017-1-4 18:06

Think if you were logged in the instant the mail was sent out you got nothing.

tetsumi06 Post at 2017-1-4 18:07

So it was dedicated players that got penalized.

moixam14 Post at 2017-1-6 14:33

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[b]ok, I've got all lot of observation on this matter that can prove quite a bit of this mail thing was very buggy:[/b]

1: Maxiom and Moixam were logged in on the day before the mail, during reset and refreshed shortly after reset - they did not get the mail with Pepper summoning icon.
2: Tripitch and Troikast (our main alts) were logged in on the day before the mail, during reset and refreshed FEW HOURS later - this is when they got their diamonds sealed and got the mail.
3: FadesHero and HerosFade (our secondary alts) were logged on the day before the mail, they were offline during reset and logged in much later afternoon - they did NOT get the mail
4: wyun (guild member on vacation - we have been asked to babysit the account until returns) was not logged in for few days before the diamond sealing event, logged him in later this afternoon - he DID NOT get the e-mail

Now please explain that!

michaelhaswell1 Post at 2017-1-7 00:35

they will make up some bullshit about times and server time and how the light refracts off their anus. its all bullshit, its like anything they give us cost them money, but when their game fucks up they don't say shit.

tetsumi06 Post at 2017-1-12 05:59

And now Fairy Bonding includes Pepper - the fairy we were cheated out of. What a crock of shit!

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