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dartfrogger Post at 2016-11-21 13:55,read this.

@jemuel533:check your messages in your email,i want you to look at/reply to messages,and give a reply to this message once you do (it looks like it doesn't give an upper notification of reply/personal message to you in:notice/pm before you click on either notice,or pm,but it gives a notice of a personal message,or reply,afterward clicking either notice,or pm (i have to submit this text as the first thing in every last subject of the forums,or else you won't see the message due to it not having this:a sign next to P.M,or next to notice,like the number:1,just because that you have 1 new personal message,it seems it doesn't have to that,I wouldn'tve put this same text as the 1st thing in every subject of a the forum in an effort to make sure you see the message at all if it only had the number:1 next to P.M./next to notice,if it did,it al out wants you to just miss the message.........!!!)

one more thing:just give a reply,if you want me to see what you said here (you can't personal message someone as a rank:newbie in the forums,unless they personal messaged you first+reply (I'll check everywhere+personally go to notice/P.M.)

one more thing:if you reply to dartfrogger,then reply on your forum post entitled:well (which is where I'm finding you from.)

dartfrogger Post at 2016-11-25 06:48

making this become at the top (by talking again,it will make this place be the 1st part on the forum.)

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