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froakentoken Post at 2016-10-8 11:06

the 4 kings:

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the red King/blue King/king of light/King of shadow:they had a 100% chance to have all four start out w/the one amount of letters,and then go to having relative plus one letter each time (+the 1st two have a color/there named:the (insert color here:red/blue/yellow/green) King,the 2nd two are the King of:(insert there property (like:cold/fire/lightning/earth/shadow/light) here.)

froakentoken Post at 2016-11-25 06:44

there's also a 100% chance for the death reaper to have 321 cp (just like that pixel hero's on) when first summoned:0exp gotten/gear lvl 0,everything else for his starting cp.

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