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froakentoken Post at 2016-8-28 03:53

transfer 70% exp to a new hero

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use formation change in the troops menu,to go to the 1st new formation where there's like,only 0 or 1 heros,and then you lock the new hero+make the new hero be the only person in battle/the only person fighting (for the new lvl 1/gear lvl 1/on the 1st awakening that you start out with new hero) that you have,and then all you really need to notice is the fact that exp is divided amongst every in fighting/not resting hero,so this is necesary due to it.

this is referring to the 70% exp book gotten from dismissing a hero (still gotten from a dismissed hero if you have like,at least two awakening stones by the first acquired awakening stone seeing as how you start out with one awakening stone,still gotten if your under the lvl it says to get one,not still gotten if not then.) don't forget to lock the hero in the troops menu or else you'll sell the new hero using auto dismiss or something.

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