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perkisdoo@msn.c Post at 2016-3-6 10:00

This 3 SS partners pve skill need a upgrade

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I spend over $100 to get this partners and they are useless, this 3 (Graves, Ginx and Ezrael) SS rank partners pve skills are too weak only hit once making small damage most of the free S and A partners skills do more damage, I think this partners must be reviewed and upgraded. Thanks

elchuck Post at 2016-3-8 03:57

Dream on. Last few characters they have roll out have been pure crap.

perkisdoo@msn.c Post at 2016-3-9 20:02

Support forum Staff ??????????????????

perkisdoo@msn.c Post at 2016-3-11 00:08

This SS-rank too (Gnar) the pve skill only attack once, 440 damage x1 sucks :-(

perkisdoo@msn.c Post at 2016-3-11 00:15

Those 4 partners are useless to me, please may we have a full specs of the new partners, thanks

el_lobo86 Post at 2016-4-14 07:34

What? You spend over 100 bucks? This is a facebook game! Please wake up and stop wasting your money! Invite your girlfriend for a dinner or go drinking with your buddys! ;-)

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