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el_lobo86 Post at 2016-1-8 08:44

Legendary Equipment

Hi Dudes,

ich have a legendary justice sword but I can't clearly see which boosts it has. I'am not sure if it is one percent blood sucking or if it is 10%. The same problem occures with the damage reduction boost. I can't even see the percentage of the boost because the text is longer than the space for it. Fix this asap or solve it another way because I need to know the exact boost for the legendary equipment.

See the picture below to understand my problem. Thanks!


meliodas88 Post at 2016-1-8 10:58

go with your mouse over the weapon, u can read it entire

meliodas88 Post at 2016-1-8 11:00

anyway it is only 1%

el_lobo86 Post at 2016-1-8 15:50

Unfortunately you are right. Thank you anyways!

gm028 Post at 2016-1-8 21:16


luiz.duartel@gm Post at 2016-1-10 23:35

fix my issue with the dissapeared stones!

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