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gm028 Post at 2015-12-17 22:27

Warfare Weekend Events

[color=Navy][b]Weekend Gift[/b][/color]

[Date]:[color=Red] Dec 18, UTC-5, 2015[/color]

[Servers]: S1-S15

[Description]: Weekend gifts giveaway, have a great time. Gifts will be sent through mail.
[b]Fast Mining(Group) x1
Mobilization Order x1[/b]

[color=Navy][b]Weekend Top-Up Event[/b][/color]

[Duration]: [color=Red]00:00 Dec 18- 23:59 Dec 20, UTC-5, 2015[/color]

[Servers]: S1-S15

[Description]: Weekend Top-up Event, various items to boost your Combat Power!
1) Top up reaches $50 to get: [color=DarkOrange]Balance Gem Lv.3 x2, Extra Large Silver coin trunk x20[/color]
2) Top up reaches $100 to get: [color=DarkOrange]Balance Gem Lv.4 x2´╝îExtra Large Silver coin trunk x50[/color]
3) Top up reaches $200 to get:[color=DarkOrange] Balance Gem Lv.5 x2, Extra Large Silver coin trunk x100[/color]
4) Top up reaches $400 to get: [color=DarkOrange]Blood-hunting cap x1, Balance Gem Lv.5 x4[/color]

[attach]18452[/attach] [attach]18453[/attach] [attach]18454[/attach]

[attach]18455[/attach] [attach]18456[/attach]

[Note]: Top up $400 and you will be able to claim all rewards. Rewards will be sent through mail within 3 working days after the event.

Warfare Operation Team
Dec 17. 2015[/align]

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