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tseke_tse Post at 2015-12-5 14:26


Hi global strike! Can you please fix the lag problem on 02 EMEA - Washington? Its been too laggy there and the censoring thing is so annoying. The update messed up everything. Fix it please! Fix everything.::@

gm025 Post at 2015-12-6 22:22

**** Author has been banned or deleted ****

kilinekdayriit@ Post at 2015-12-22 21:05

Just so laggy but my internet connection was ok. can fix this. =PayCheck= Global Strike :Q

muciass22 Post at 2016-2-15 07:06

Yea ALL country have lags and reconnect

muciass22 Post at 2016-2-15 12:23

repair of server washington ping is normal but every 30 seconds reconnect you reset server washington and fix upload pls

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