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luiz.duartel@gm Post at 2015-10-8 01:56

eyeyeyey wth ? is going on

let me get the screen shot [img][/img]

why do we get 10 kakashi ? isn't asuma the featured partner ? and what is a legendary gold partner shard ? :o I just want to know...

I have kakashi already there is no way  I need a 2nd one. I'm sure I can not repeat partners, can I ?

luiz.duartel@gm Post at 2015-10-8 02:01


also this ? how I'm able to top up 40 gold ? miminum that shows in my game screen is 200

gm028 Post at 2015-10-8 02:41

1USD=40GOLD, maybe you can use golden bean transfer.

10 kakashi, I think others may want it.

luiz.duartel@gm Post at 2015-10-8 02:58

ahahaha well yeah but if you feature a new character Asuma, what is the point of giving 10 Kakasi ? might as well give 10 Asuma... yeah I'll try that beaner transfer... just spend 10 bucks still I can't do the $1 purchase

meliodas88 Post at 2015-10-8 03:55

look at first luiz.duartel@gm's picture . it says that we can get turkeys from Pirate War... gm028 can u tell us what is?

elchuck Post at 2015-10-8 04:27

That's the One Piece defense game. They are getting their games mix up again

meliodas88 Post at 2015-10-8 04:29

oh yeah! i got a turkey from scuffle

luiz.duartel@gm Post at 2015-10-8 09:07

aahaha yeah it is scuffle a.k.a. pirate war :P
I was going to ask but then I got one and just realized they are so lasy that they do not even change the names in between game updates... why to make a new one for different players they do not care about ?
F that lets just use the other one we have done already...

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