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joeylaff Post at 2015-10-7 17:59

Bugged time gate event

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Hi i just beat boss lvl 150 on he time gate event expecting to receive -

Clear Lv.150 Trial Boss to receive: 600,000 Silver, 5 SS-Rank Kurenai Puzzles, 60 EXP Spars, and 6 [b][u]Legendary Armor Essences[/u][/b].

Instead i received 6 weapon essences. I purchased gold to complete this before the event timer ran out as i needed the armor essence. I would like for this to be corrected asap please otherwise id like a refund for my money or gold as i have not received the items advertised by your event announcement.

Thank you

gm028 Post at 2015-10-7 21:06

Dear Joe,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

I would like to confirm that did you only received 6 weapon essences after beat boss lvl 150? And could you take a screen shot of these 6 weapon essences?

And your server, player ID, please, thanks in advance.

joeylaff Post at 2015-10-8 13:31

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i cant take a shot of the 6 as i already had some but i do have 15 -_-

Your server:16

gm028 Post at 2015-10-8 22:07


Can I ask when you get the reward? Could you take a screen shot of the time gate event page?

joeylaff Post at 2015-10-9 12:51

07/10/2015 at about 11:45 UTC

gm028 Post at 2015-10-9 20:52

[quote]07/10/2015 at about 11:45 UTC
[size=2][color=#999999]joeylaff Posted at 2015-10-9 17:51[/color] [url=][img][/img][/url][/size][/quote]

Ok, we will check.

joeylaff Post at 2015-10-10 03:38

sorry 23:45 utc

joeylaff Post at 2015-10-14 18:26

Not solved why is this flagged as so?

elvinwiggins23@ Post at 2015-10-15 20:32

their trying to say that it was changed instead of having 150 and 180. its replaced by the highest which is 120

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