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elvinwiggins23@ Post at 2015-9-9 06:18

lucky cookie and dice.

can you guys tell me whats the problem with us not getting lucky cookies and dice from scuffle event anymore. you guys are being totally unfair. i purchase gold in the game but I'm really finding it hard to get these things. u mean i have to spend 50k gold just to get 165 lucky cookies and will only get 3 from logging in and in the end most of the time we'll get the same number just to make it harder for us to miss the rewards and we have to spend tons more. come on most of us can't do it. I'm sure its gonna go on deft ears but u guys really need to improve the quality of service you're giving us. just bring back those things so that the game can be even more enjoyable. and on top of that you're increasing the prices on certain things that's even more unfair. be more reasonable and things will be better for both parties

meliodas88 Post at 2015-9-9 11:05

i think it could be great to have a chance to get lucky coockies or dice or the other item for special event during scuffle. elvinwiggins23@ when u say "and on top of that you're increasing the prices on certain things that's even more unfair" r u referring to treasure cave reset?? because they says they are increasing both numer of reset and their prices but the table says the contrary, more reset at less price. i think this is a nice update. tomorrow we will c what is their real intent

meechakeecha Post at 2015-9-9 15:32

Doesn't surprise me. They started to do a little better when they finally adjusted the ridiculous rewards for the Time Lord, so more than 3 people would be able to get it, but they are slowly slipping back to their greedy ways.

They never even bothered putting these things back in as a reward for scuffles. I have no reason to buy scuffle refills because scuffles don't do anything for me aside from some xp. The rewards are garbage. Level 1 gems... woohoo? Sure, over time, it's nice, but on a micro level, scuffles are boring as hell and offer very little. A necessity, at best.

You used to get cookies as a reward for scuffle. They got greedy though, and forced players to buy them. Guess what, you lost a crap ton of players because of how you cheat players, lie to players, and are stingy with everything.  

There's no big spenders on my server. They all quit. The top three players on my server are me, who has not increased in VIP level in a year (I still buy, rarely, just not a lot. Nothing is worth it), and two VIP 0 players. There is also another VIP 7 player, who doesn't seem to play as much. Aside from that, it's just low level players that have no chance of ever getting anything, as I am the highest level and get all the best rewards.

Trying to figure out what they are trying to say with their little chart, and I think just the 'Cost' column is wrong, but the rest seems right. It costs me 20g for a refill, and I can do it 7 times at VIP 7. So now they want me to spend 45g for a refill? lol, guess I am never refilling my Treasure Cave again. Way to turn off even more customers.

So utterly pathetic.

meliodas88 Post at 2015-9-10 05:11

i was right! they have decreased the price! if u are vip 7 now u can reset 8 time instead of 6 and u'll spent 45 only for the 8th reset, for the 1st u spend 10 instead of 20 and so on. they table is ugly and really incomprehensible.

meechakeecha Post at 2015-9-10 06:56

Yeah, no kidding. They need to hire a translator that knows what they are doing.

rollingsky Post at 2015-9-11 16:14

so cookies are nonexistent in scuffle.....

meechakeecha Post at 2015-9-11 17:22

I don't think you can buy them either... Post at 2015-9-14 05:24

You actually can't buy anything via the "shop".
Turkeys and gift tickets were / are available when you're in the event screen, but for lucky cookies there isn't any "buy" button .. for an event where you need nearly 80 cookies to end a grid, it's very generous to give us 2-3 a wekk via login gift and none in scuffle -_-'

meechakeecha Post at 2015-9-14 17:03

If you spend $1250 USD worth of gold during the Cumulative Spending event this week, you could get enough cookies to finish once and then be frustrated with the cheating game during your second attempt. Sounds like a deal to me.

The Pockie Defense team comes out with incomplete updates every single week. I can't speak for the other games under the Game321 banner and their parent company, but the Pockie Defense team has been absolutely terrible the last six months. Zero accountability, zero care, zero recompense for any of their screwing over of their customers.

gm028 Post at 2015-9-14 21:04

Dear players,

We are sorry that lucky cookies are not in shop and please be informed that it will be fixed soon. Post at 2015-9-15 02:48

Woohoo lucky cookies are in the shop today !!! wait .. 50 gold ONE cookie ? I had 5 numbers to complete the grid, spent 950 gold in cookie, managed to lower the missing numbers to 4. You're so very generous (before, cookies were won in scuffle, you could win 5-10 a day, and still it was hard to finish a grid)
Seriously ... stop the "milking cows" way of thinking :(

gm028 Post at 2015-9-15 20:25

Dear players,

As many players say your can not get cookies from scuffle this time, and maybe later it will be back, details please be abject to our announcement, thank you. Post at 2015-9-16 12:51

You sure you want us to be abject ? :D

elvinwiggins23@ Post at 2015-9-16 19:55

[i=s] Post Last Edited by at 2015-9-17 01:03 [/i]

we don't care about the lucky cookies not being in the shops more. the problem is the rewards like lucky cookies and dice that we used to get in scuffle. we want that back. cause taking it out sucks to the fullest for all the players the higher ones included. we feel we're being cheated in every possible way. so you can keep that sorry until you can bring back those in scuffle. and the key word you used is "Maybe later". we dont want maybe we want it back cause its that's the same as waiting for you guys to open a new event in Daily Challenge{:3_63:}

gm028 Post at 2015-9-16 20:43

Yes, I was told that it will be back, but I don't know when, so please follow our latest announcement.

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