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la_pentagram@ya Post at 2015-8-27 08:44

Special Suggestion :)

Good day Maam/Sir , I got a special suggestion to make this game much better :) Btw , thanks for the free permanent M14EBR , that gun is so freakin strong :D

Ok here are my suggestion.
1.) You should put a background song when players are in lobby , a military motivation song is perfect :)
2.) Set a special event !!!
- New GP weapons but its not that simple - a special GP weapons that is made only for those true Global Strikers like me , I play around 9- 10 hours a day . GP weapons that are very exclusive that is around 250 - 300k worth of GP . And guess what? Make a limited time offer to bought it ! First come first serve ! haha :) Or you can just convert some of golden weapons like golden ak-47 , gold crossbow , gold awm etc into a weapon that can be bought by GP . By that , many Global Strikers will crave for those weapons . Surely , they will play more and more time of Global Strike to earn more GP and bought those weapons . It means that many people will play global strike much longer than before get it? haha :) I think that 2 - 3 days of that offer will be perfect to challenge us :D  - only true GS player will do the GP earn challenge and will win the amzing rewards :lol , GLOBAL STRIKE WILL BECOME MORE AND MORE POPULAR !!!! ISN'T THAT INTERESTING? :D

And that's it , those are my suggestions . I am very glad to know your comment about my ideas , thank you very much and MORE POWER TO YO AND YOUR GAME {:3_52:}

jeffdavidson143 Post at 2015-9-6 04:26

suggestion of a no life person xD... go out and get some fresh air hehe

la_pentagram@ya Post at 2015-9-7 06:10

If you have nothing to say positive please just ignore this . I didn't need your opinion .

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