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elvinwiggins23@ Post at 2015-7-9 10:56

maintainance taking long again

is it me or is this a going thing for PD now
the maintenance takes way too long and no update as to when they:ll be finished

meechakeecha Post at 2015-7-9 11:03

They don't really care, I am sure, as long as you give them cash.

elvinwiggins23@ Post at 2015-7-9 11:21

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that really blows man and just like b4 no compensation whatsoever

meliodas88 Post at 2015-7-9 11:48

ya very sad

i think their weekend starts on thursday, in ten hours no answer, nothing

sdfdssfsd Post at 2015-7-9 12:01

Wtf is  wrong with game321, bug or problem EVERY SINGLE updates, and 0 communication on forum for players ...

get some RESPECT !
this is a paying game becoming more and more pathetic ...
guys seriously, WAKE UP !

seems you don't care about losing players, keep on ! for now this is the best thing you do !

meechakeecha Post at 2015-7-9 13:44

I am not entirely sure what is so difficult about Game321 posting information when something happens. It's remarkably easy to do. By not saying anything, you disenfranchise your customers. Upwards of 70% of the people in North America don't bother complaining when they receive poor customer service, they just don't return.

jwhite09 Post at 2015-7-9 16:13

Things ran better some months ago and I found some great customer service.  But lately things have been spiraling down.  I think they just dont have the same amount of staff as before.  I honestly think they dont have enough to keep their head above water, which is sad.  I love playing this game and wanted it to keep doing cool things

sdfdssfsd Post at 2015-7-9 17:06

Yeah this is just slowly dying since 2 months ... worst in worst ...

elchuck Post at 2015-7-9 18:37

Boy this is taking to long... Usually gift tree is the event I waste the most but by the way it looks it wont be worth for much longer. A real shame. Really love this game.

elvinwiggins23@ Post at 2015-7-9 19:58

maintenance is still going on{:2_32:}{:2_38:}

meechakeecha Post at 2015-7-9 20:34

So no announcement... are we to assume the game got shut down because they were trying to release Bleach characters? Probably not, but wtf guys, just say something.

meechakeecha Post at 2015-7-9 21:00


farfarguy Post at 2015-7-9 23:30

still seems very buggy for a 18hr waits....

elchuck Post at 2015-7-10 04:14

Yes it is. Just wasted 2000 gold and got no prizes from event. Think is time to stop sinking money in this game.

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