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mpennyljude@yah Post at 2015-6-16 07:38

i cant play the game

My internet is good i dont know what happen it just keep on loading 5-20seconds and after that network problem

moon_lord3 Post at 2015-6-16 11:38

Yes me to  T_T

senswity Post at 2015-6-16 11:42

Hi Global Strike. is NSAM - Los Angeles server is up? or am i bugged since EMEA is fine.tks

mpennyljude@yah Post at 2015-6-16 18:08

we have the same problem until now i cant play the game still stuck in that Prompt Connecting to Server. Please wait for 5-20 seconds and after that Network Failure.....But my internet is good

tseke_tse Post at 2015-6-16 23:12

Admins help ! : (

mpennyljude@yah Post at 2015-6-16 23:21

Admins where are you?????Can you tell us what happen to this

sansar12 Post at 2015-6-16 23:32


sansar12 Post at 2015-6-16 23:34

Help admins!

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esse09 Post at 2015-6-16 23:49

im quit bye Global Strike

gm025 Post at 2015-6-17 03:40

**** Author has been banned or deleted ****

mpennyljude@yah Post at 2015-6-17 03:46

Still cant same that promp still appears thing  whats  happening?

mpennyljude@yah Post at 2015-6-17 03:50

Server 2 is ok i try to log in there only Server1 not ok please fix it :(

gm025 Post at 2015-6-17 04:24

**** Author has been banned or deleted ****

mpennyljude@yah Post at 2015-6-17 06:54

Ok thank you very much :)

gm025 Post at 2015-6-17 23:18

**** Author has been banned or deleted ****

mpennyljude@yah Post at 2015-6-18 05:39

still cant log in Im from Philippines only server1 have problem server2 is fine

mpennyljude@yah Post at 2015-6-19 07:34

is the server 1 ok now?

r520355 Post at 2015-6-21 19:06

the same goes with me here,,, my EMEA is OK but my NSAM is not OK, I always got a message "Network connection is unstable, pls wait 5-20 seconds"... pls. help me with this....

r520355 Post at 2015-6-21 19:06

still not OK up until now

mpennyljude@yah Post at 2015-6-23 07:41

admin did not reply here anymore i hope they are working to fix that server :(

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